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Point Comfort - The stretch of bay along the northern side of Hwy 35 is a popular fishing/camping area. The entire shoreline is great for wadefishing but the area near the old sunken barges is where most waders go. The bottom is mostly firm with oysters scattered around. This side is protected from southerly winds which in the spring can mean a 25-35 mph steady blow. Often in the winter and spring this area will have clear green water at times even when the rest of the bay is an ugly shade of chocolate.

There are long stretches of shell along the beach front and some areas particulary near the causeway are frequent camping spots. Running along the southern side of Hwy 35 is the old highway that led to the wooden causeway that once crossed the bay. The old road leads to a section of the original pier that's still standing and extends a short distance into the bay.

After its retirement as a bridge, the section stretching eastward from the Port Lavaca side was the longest fishing pier in Texas. Two fires considerably shortened its length and now the old pier is no longer accessible from shore, replaced by a short lighted pier.

At the end of the main street in Point Comfort there is both a seawall and small fishing pier near the boat ramp. The ramp is the quickest means to access the Lavaca River and other great fishing spots in this area such as Swan Lake and Redfish Lake.

(As a side note, Point Comfort 's annual 4th of July celebration is excellent. It's a family atmosphere and there's plenty of good food available before the sky works begin.)


 The north side of Highway 35 is good for reds, trout and flounder. Many also wade the area or fish it with kayaks. The area is well protected from strong spring winds and pockets of clear water are often trapped in this area while the rest of the bay is a frothy chocolate color. At the time of this photo winds were blowing 35+ mph from the south.



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