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Port Lavaca State Pier Park

Located to the south of Hwy 35 on the western shore of Lavaca Bay, just east of Port Lavaca, Texas the Pier Park offers camping and RV hookups. The pier is a popular destination for both day and night fishermen from near and far.

After being retired as a causeway over Lavaca Bay, the structure was converted into a first rate fishing pier and touted as the longest fishing pier in the world. After many years of service, the pier's creosote timbers caught fire on two separate occasions. Caused by by either lightning or careless campers, the World's Longest Fishing Pier now ranks with otheres as the World's Shortest Fishing Pier.

When the pier was at its full length, it stretched all the way to Chicken Foot Reef. A small step was added to the end of the pier that made it an easy way to access the reef without having to climb down the end of the road. (Big trout hang out on this reef in the spring.)

The new pier is considerably shorter than the old. It does have lights though and trout are frequently caught at night in the summer and fall. Other fish that can be caught here are reds, flounder, drum, sheepshead, croaker, gafftop, and of course, plenty of hard heads.

Stretches of the old pier are still standing and debris also lies in the water that may be obvious or hidden just below the surface.



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